Have an idea, Found the co-founder lets startup!

There are many startups in recent times and every one wants to grab their market. One can achieve the digital marketing success by achieving the following:

1) Market Research:


Before we startup it is necessary to identify the potential of your idea and how it is going to reach the public. What is your product or service and who needs it?. Creating a business model and calculate ROI in terms of rough estimate figures.

2) Finding the competitors:


There might be big giants sitting in your niche but be confident to break the competition and it is always possible. Identify them and make a list to observe each and every steps they followed to achieve the results.

3) Keyword Research:


Keyword research is the most important part of digital marketing. Identify the seed keywords and prepare different combinations of Primary keywords, Secondary keywords, Location Based keywords, Brand related Keywords, Service Based Keywords, Long Tail keywords with decent search volumes.

4) Web development and SEO:


Once we are ready with the list of keywords we need to identify the keyword groups and prepare a list of them. This will also be useful while creating an Adwords campaign to create ad groups, keywords & ad copies.
Web development ans SEO should run together in order to save time in SEO setup and identify the key elements for better onpage optimization and develop them during the web development stage.

5) Online Branding:


Campaigns which help in branding are Social media Ads, Organic Social Media, Participation in Groups, Followers, Google Banner Advertisement, YouTube Skip ads and YouTube banner ads. It is now your decision to allocate budget for branding. We can expect conversions from branding campaign but in long run you can see the organic traffic is increasing with the single search term ie; “Your brand name”. At this point of time you have created the brand awareness and also generated good amount of user base.

5) Target Locations & Target Audience:


You know the target location and the cities where the service is being provided. As part of research, we will identify the target audience and where these people are available. Something like Facebook, Google Search and Banner Ads, Product listing ads, Identifying most visited and popular websites in your target location and displaying your banner ads.

6) Increasing Sales:


ROI based campaign optimization is required to increase reach, clicks, CTR, CPC, and the conversions to reach the threshold for your ad investment.

7) Balancing the Organic and Paid Marketing:


Identifying the keywords which are ranked in Google search and removing them from ad campaign. Slowly decreasing the ad budget by ranking more potential keywords in search. Creating a road map to balance the conversions through organic search by decreasing the paid marketing budget after certain period of time.

8) Maintaining Traffic Growth:


It is important to maintain steady traffic growth and handle the bounce rate. Finding different sources to maintain traffic in case we are decreasing the ad budget. Creating content based links to generate referral traffic and create brand awareness. Press release submissions to keep updating the changes about the company and new modules in your website development. Identifying other traffic sources for exponential growth of traffic and maintaining it steadily.

9) Maintaining Alexa Rank:


Alexa is powered by amazon. Alexa rank is another major factor to represent the business. It helps investors to identify the true marketing potential of your Web site. Lesser the Alexa rank, increases the popularity of your website. There are necessary steps to decrease Alexa rank and it should be implemented from the day 1 of digital marketing campaign.

10) Identifying Right Platforms:


As part of Digital Marketing we have identified the different sources to run Ad campaigns. Optimizing the right platform in terms of traffic, sales / inquiries being generated from all your campaigns. Working on split budgets first and then optimizing the right campaign with full budget. It yields in good productivity in the same budget.

What we do at Digital Adworks?


We at Digital Adworks create a detailed marketing plan for your Startup. Helping startups to reach every step of their Digital Marketing Success.
For Free Research: Md Jafar Ali, VP Digital Marketing, www.digitaladworks.com.

AUTHOR: Jafar Ali
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